Old South Pittsburg Hospital



Considered by many as one of the most haunted locations in Tennessee. This location is located in South Pittsburg Tennessee. Old South Pittsburg hospital was founded in 1959 by 4 medical professionals. It consisted of 68,000 sq ft. with many additions added throughout the decades. The hospital officially closed its doors in 1998. Old South Pittsburg hospital had many wrongful and tragic deaths that occurred while in operation. The property has a natural based spring that runs underneath it and it sits on solid limestone. Many believe the combination of the spring and the limestone gives this place the energy for spirits to have more interactions for manifestations. Several tragic events happened on the property prior to the hospital being opened that may also contribute to the hauntings. In 1778 a Cherokee Indian tribe used the land to live on and they allowed soldiers to use the land to hide on. In 1920 a large plantation that was located on the property burned taking the lives of 7 children.

Reported Activity

Some of the common haunting reported in the old hospital consist of children being heard, inanimate objects moving on there on, dark shadow figures, and disembodied voices. On the 3rd floor many people have reported seeing a shadow figure of a man that is 7ft in height who is thought to be a past surgeon. One of the most popular spirits is a toddler that appears to around ┬áthe age of 2 to 3 and referred to as Buddy. He seems to like to urge the living to play with him. Also 2 elderly ladies have been seen on the 3rd floor in the detox/psych evaluation wing. Evps have been captured telling people to get out. In the basement many believe there is a female nurse whom is referred to as the “naughty nurse”. This female spirit likes to whisper in your ear. Also in the basement some have experienced a spirit they believe to be a former janitor named James that likes to whistle. On the 2nd floor there are reports of a small girl that is usually seen hiding behind the water cooler. This child is usually only seen on thermal imaging. Sounds of furniture being moved can be heard along with screams on the 2nd floor. If you are brave enough contact Old South Pittsburg hospital at there website and maybe you will encounter one of the many spirits located at this site.

Want to visit for yourself?

This location allows private and public investigations. Contact them for more details.

Located at 1100 Holly Avenue South Pittsburg, Tn 37380

Phone Number: 423-316-9121 (Contact Stacey)

Email Address: Osphgm@yahoo.com

Web Address: www.osphghosthunts.com

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