Hales Bar Dam



Located on Nickajack Lake on the Tennessee River in Marion County.  Hales Bar Dam sits on former Cherokee Land. In 1775 Richard Henderson and Daniel Boone negotiated the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals which persuaded the Cherokee to sale a large portion of there land to Henderson’s Transylvania Company. Cherokee Chief Dragging Canoe was not happy about the sale of the land. He was said to curse the land vowing that it was dark and bloody land. He said the land would be unproductive and uninhabitable for anyone who tried to settle on the land. In 1904 congress approved the construction of the dam.  The construction of the dam began in 1905 and was completed in 1913. The dam’s primary job was to keep the whirlpools at bay along the Tennessee River. The dam project was so large that it required over 1500 people working 6 days a week around the clock. Reports say that if a worker was unlucky enough to fall into the cement as it was being poured was buried alive inside the walls. In 1922 the Hale’s Private School was constructed in Guild. Children who lived on the west bank of the river had to travel across the river in the dimly  lit tunnels that ran under the dam.  The TVA acquired the dam in August of 1939. The TVA was unable to control the leaks of the dam. In 1960 the dam failed flooding the local area along with hundreds of graves that consisted of children”s graves who died during the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919.

In 1968 the TVA decided to demolish Hales Bar Dam and replace it down the stream with Nickajack Dam. The Hales Bar Dam Powerhouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2008. The dam powerhouse now sits empty and is used for boat storage. The area around the dam is now used for a marina and resort. You can contact the marina and resort for 423-942-9000 to rent one of there cabins to enjoy sometime at the beautiful Marina and Resort.

Reported Activity

Located in the powerhouse of the dam is a natural whirlpool where apparitions are seen. Some say the
Native Americans used to see there ancestors in the whirlpool.  The Native Americans believed that if they got to close to the whirlpool there ancestors would reach and grab them pulling them down into the whirlpool. There have been reports of lights, orbs, apparitions, evps, screams, scratches, children’s voices, feelings of being touched, and the feeling as if someone is walking through you. Other reports have been sound like chanting believed to the that of former Native Americans. Some have reported seeing an apparition in the cat walk that is believed to be Cherokee Chief Dragging Canoe. If you are brave enough to visit the dam maybe you will come face to face with Chief Dragging Canoe. Hales Bar Dam has been featured on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. Watch the episodes below and see what you think.

Want to visit for yourself?

Hales bar dam can be investigated if your brave enough to be there for an investigation.

Contact Storm at www.facebook.com/ShadowsParanormalInvestigations for more information about investigations.

Address: 1265 Hales Bar Road Guild, TN 37340

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