Community driven research

Too many ghost hunting groups are very hush-hush about who they meet, where they go and often get defensive when asking them for contact info regarding a particular site.  It is almost as if they do not want you visiting anywhere they have been.  This has been our experience for the past few years.

We are not like that.  In fact, we believe in supporting others who want to pursue ghost hunting on their own.

We originally started our own group back in 2007.  We quickly realized that when trying to find contact info to investigate a site, the other groups who knew the information were often very reluctant to hand out anything helpful.  Even when it was in regards to public locations that openly and willingly encourage on-site investigations.  Over the years we began compiling this information and gathering our own evidence.  A short while back I decided we should publish all relevant information pertinent to each investigation so others can not only help us spot overlooked evidence, but even perform their own investigations.  And here we are.

Our mission statement

  • To be as open as possible regarding each location and relevant contact info
  • To publish all evidence in raw form for all to review and consider

Currently, we are just getting this site put together so please be patient as we slowly build our on-line evidence vault!

I truly hope you enjoy and apreaciate the hard work we have done as well as the information we will make available to you.